OF INTEREST TO OUR TWO MILLION PLUS VISITORS TO SHIPBOARDCRUISER.COM The Secret Language of Cruise Travel Lingo From CruiseCompete.com A Comprehensive Guide of Cruise Industry Terms

The Secret Language of Cruise Travel Lingo From CruiseCompete.comA Comprehensive Guide of Cruise Industry Terms

DETROIT (September 10, 2018) – Insiders know that there’s a secret language in cruising; these terms provide information on the ships taking them to limitless private islands, various ports of call and destinations, plus the definitions of various amenities offered to cruise travelers.

Please take a peek through this glossary of terms. Click here for full glossary.

Following is a list of 5 cruise industry terms, some not too well-known:

Atoll – A Ring-shaped reef, island of coral and encircling a freshwater lagoon.

Calving – The break-up or splintering of a glacier or iceberg so as to produce a detached piece of ice.

Cenote – A natural swimming hole formed by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock, revealing a subterranean world of groundwater pools, with pure, clear, fresh water. Perfect for swimming and diving.

Centrum – The Norwegian word for Atrium. Royal Caribbean uses the term for the atrium or hub of its ships, that feature reception desks and a lively area for high-wire aerial entertainment, performances and games.

Circumnavigators Club – The Circumnavigators Club is the only international organization devoted to bringing together those men and women who have gone around the world. The Club was organized over 100 years ago by two Americans sailing across the Indian Ocean aboard the S.S. Barbarossa.

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